Temporary changes to train times & tickets more than 6 weeks prior to travel

Changes to the process that makes timetables and ticket purchase possible prior to the date of travel, especially at weekends, could effect your journey if you book more than 6 weeks prior to travel.

The usual process means that timetables are agreed and buttoned down at least 12 weeks ahead of travel enabling train operators to open ticket reservations and bookings.

This is changing to 6 weeks ahead of travel from the 20th May 2018 and will affect all UK train operators.

This means that train times and ticket availability may be subject to change between the 12 and 6 week window.

Refunds and ticket exchange wil be available for customers affected by this.

For comprehensive information about this change please visit our website on a desktop PC https://www.arrivatrainswales.co.uk/informed-traveller.