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Travelling to an event or festival with Arriva Trains Wales, check here for travel guidance on major events.

Upcoming Events

  • World Heavyweight Championship - 28th Oct
  • Wales V Australia - 11th Nov 2017
  • Wales V Georgia - 18th Nov 2017
  • Wales V New Zealand - 25th Nov 2017
  • Wales V South Africa - 2nd Dec 2017

More detailed travel advice including post-match queueing maps for Cardiff Central will be available nearer the time.

Travel Advice

To make sure your travel goes as smoothly as possible on the day we've put together some handy tips

>> Travel Advice

>> Post Event Queueing


>> Principality Stadium

>> Cardiff City Stadium

Event FAQ's

>> Why don’t you put on more carriages on an event day?

>> So why do I have to wait outside the station?

>> How do you decide which queues move and who has to wait outside?

>> How do I know what’s happening on the day?