When submitting please make sure to include:
The date of your journey.
The time your train was due to depart.
The stations you were travelling from and to.
If your journey was delayed how late were you reaching the station you were travelling to?
Please provide a copy of the train tickets for the journey you made. If you no longer have the tickets we may accept a booking confirmation.
Please tell us how you would like us to pay any compensation you may be owed. We can offer compensation in the form of National Rail travel vouchers, cheque, bank transfer (BACS), Credit card payment or voucher exchanged for cash from any Arriva Trains Wales ticket office. Please note that if we offer you goodwill compensation this will usually be in the form of National Rail travel vouchers.

Claim Compensation - Frequently Asked Questions

Oes gen i hawl i iawndal?

Sut allaf wneud hawiad?

Faint o iawndal mae gen i hawl iddo?

Sut gaiff fy iawndal ei dalu?

Gostyyngiad pan fyddwch yn adnewyddu tocyn tymor a diwrnodau di-rym?